Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our first blog

Welcome! The baby is sleeping, Raegan is on her baseball date with Daddy, and I'm trying something new. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into life at the Browning home.


Lady Farmer said...

Congratulations on entering "blogland!" I anxiously look forward to visiting you often in your "greenhouse" to see how "things" are growing. Please post many pictures!
Your devoted Mother.

homefront said...

Loved your blog! I agree with dear Lady Farmer, lots of pictures please! I've wanted to see your family and home for so long, and now I can, via the blog. You did a great job so far. Thanks so much for the link! Jamie H. (Zoe's baby has a blog -

Melody said...

YEAH!!! Another blogging friend! Can't wait for more posts : )