Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another day, another park

Are you guys getting tired of a million pictures of us at parks all the time? It seems that lately we have been filling our quota of park time ~ it's just so much fun! Here we are at a new find ~ Bellevue's Downtown Park and Rose Garden with:

toys for the wee ones...

*contented sigh* (baby jail...I want one of these at home!)

a GIANT "cement pond" for ducks, complete with waterfall...

a crunchy mauve gravel walk that makes a half-mile loop...

an interesting fountain...

and beautiful gardens, of course.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage~style flannel nighties

I had some leftover flannel, found a cute 1950's pattern at Lanetz Living, and stitched up some vintage nightgowns for the girls.

These nighties are tweaked a little since my leftover fabric was not quite long enough. I added ruffles to the hems with some extra pieces after cutting, to make them longer.

And for the ties, I scrounged up some pink ribbon for one and crocheted a couple of chains from cotton yarn for the other.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An afternoon in the gardens

We had so many adventures last weekend! Daddy took us on a splendid tour of the Bellevue Botanical Gardens on Saturday. We had a quiet, leisurely picnic accompanied by a fairly self-assured crow who wanted to share. And then a stroll along the beautiful paths...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A birthday train trip

We celebrated Miss Pea's 2nd birthday on Sunday with a ride on the Snoqualmie train. We travelled through the scenic byways into North Bend, then returned to the Snoqualmie Station to pick up more passengers for a trip to the Falls (which included passing over a ravine HIGH above the crashing water!)

Here we go! All set for our tickets to be punched.

Our train car was built in 1915, and refurbished in the 40's ~ so quaint!

The car next to us had such interesting architecture and fixtures, too.

"Um, I don't think this duct tape is original..."

The power plant is housed in these buildings from the 1880's.

Some of the decrepit old machines that line the main street.