Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday in Sequim

We took a lovely, sunny drive to the lavender capital of the world, stopping at Purple Haze to purchase some deliciously fragranced herbs. We then lunched at the old grain elevator that now houses a nice Mexican restaurant. With our tummies full, we drove a little further to feed some exotic animals at the Olympic Game Farm! We saw cute little prairie dogs, cuddly-looking bears who did tricks for their bread, elk who were not above putting their whole heads (antlers and all) inside the cars, and GIANT bison who slobbered up the windows in anticipation for their treat. We allowed only a crack to slide the slices through for them since the babies were a little frightened (OK, I admit Mama and Daddy were a little nervous, too.) I did get a little bolder at the end, and touched one bison's wild, woolly hair-do. What amazing creatures God imagined!

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Lady Farmer said...

The apple didn't fall far from the tree! ;~} We went Sunday. Brought a picnic lunch. Didn't doo zoo. What a beautiful bit of Washington!
Luv ya,
Ma down on the Farm