Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day blessings!

How about this for an unusual color combination? But they are pretty together, don't you think? My gaudy coral quince and royal purple bluebells.

And I love how they touch the ceiling.


Lady Farmer said...

I love the color combination!

Miss Riya said...

I too love the combo. Just one more week and I will be able to play with flowers too. Pray for me I have 2 finals left.
~ your pen pal

Miss Jen said...

Happy May day to you!!!! ;)
With Much Love,
Miss Jen

I noticed you tried to comment
on my "give away" post but then
it said it was erased. Would
LOVE you to enter, if you like!

Anne Marie said...

Yes, it looks lovely!

Mrs.L said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the colors!