Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Guessed It

More parks!

How about THAT view, huh? That's the Seattle skyline, seen from the lofty heights of the golf course in Newcastle. I have never liked golfing, but I think I could force myself if I got to play here!

And now to the swings and slides.


Poetikat said...

Swings and slides are way more fun than golf!


LDH said...

Beautiful, indeed! About a year and a half ago, we met my father-in-laws cousin through genealogy research. He is an older gentleman and lives near Bremerton. What a joy to learn he is a Christian. He was able to come all the way to our home on the east coast last August for a 1st ever Family Reunion. We have enjoyed learning more about WA by knowing him.

Nice to see your family enjoying such lovely views!

Miss Jen said...

How fun! :)
Loved every picture!!!

Blessings~ Jen

LDH said...

Happy Birthday, Michele! Just came from your mom's blog and so enjoyed the pictures she posted. I sure can see the likeness to your little girls! Have a wonderful day!

Sharon said...

beautiful pictures, especially those of the children :) Happy Birthday! Have a most blessed day :)


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Your mom let us know that today was your special day...May Our Lord continue to bless you with many more years of happiness and joy!


lady m

ps: the pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Miss Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Michele!!!
You are a very special blogging
friend... ever since I came upon
your blog several months ago
I was inspired, refreshed and
overjoyed with all that you had to offer.God bless you dear sister in Christ!

Love~ Jen

Lady Farmer said...

Happy Birthday, my firstborn!
I just had to write something cuz as I am reading your comments, low and behold, guess what the word verification is?
Cool, huh?

Simply Heart And Home said...

Lovely pictures!

Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.



Marqueta said...

Dear Michelle,

Happy, happy birthday to you! Hope it's a lovely one, spent with your lovely family.



Michele said...

Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes! I always love to read your comments, and hearing from my dear blogging friends is extra special on my birthday! Blessings to each of you as you have been such blessings to me!