Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out with my Valentines

We spent a "sweet" Valentine's Day in Port Gamble, a quaint and quiet little town north of Poulsbo. On the way, we took a little detour to Bainbridge Island. I will gladly reside here, please! I had to stop and gaze at the boats at the marina; my husband and I had planned on living on a houseboat when we were first married, until that fateful honeymoon on Lake Mead ~ I'll tell you about that sometime.

Beautiful, pristine chapel. Photo is not so great, as it was taken through the windshield while we were driving...

Enjoying the view from Port Gamble across the Sound.

Aaaah! Released from the car and ready for a lovely stroll in the crisp winter sunshine.

Ooooh! Pine cones and lawn daisies!

I've been told it's morbid, but I just love cemeteries. I think they're romantic; full of history and tragedy. How much closer can one get to people who lived (and died) decades or even centuries earlier?

Who were they? I'll get to meet these same friends someday.

One last shot of this majestic old tree overlooking the water.


Miss Jen said...

Oh my...what LOVELY Valentine's day musings!
It looks like you had a wonderful time.
Your girlies are soooo CUTE.
I just love their outfits and I have to
agree.....brown and red make a wonderful combination!!! Hope you are having a delightful Monday.

Love & Blessings,
Miss Jen

Roo's Mama said...

Oh, I love old cemetaries too... I remember one that I thought would be a lovely setting for an outdoor wedding - maybe that is a little weird, but there is just something so intriguingly serene and lovely about old graveyards. :)

Carl Gray said...

I just LOOOOVE Port Gamble. We usually go and picnic in the park and then stroll through the cemetery.

I have recently found some new secret parks and a quaint old cemetery with delightful views of the Puget Sound (which I'm sure the residents appreciate). It is appropriately called Sound View Cemetery and is on Marrowstone Island.