Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Miss Jenn from Blessed Femina tagged me for this fun post:

My memories from 2008

~A great book I read:

The Shepherd's Castle by George MacDonald

I just love this author! His stories are so intriguing and suspenseful, full of innocent romance and Gothic mystery. George MacDonald has such strength of character and a pure love of God that really shine through his words. It's such a safe feeling to read a story whose main character makes right decisions about real issues, and gives the reader encouragement to do the same. Donal is just such a role model. Any gentle-spirited young maid may dream of someday finding a husband like him.

~A great movie I watched:

[I left my computer unattended for a bit, and came back to find that my husband had commandeered it for his input: =)

Batman, I just loved this movie. The joker was really scary and I loved the conservative theme so applicable to our world today. It's strange to see Hollywood with a George Bush-like character that is a great hero!]

Here is my vote:

Miss PotterI always love sweet stories, especially when they happened in the past. I was very impressed by the way this movie was made. Very innocent, warm-hearted, and (as is usually unlikely) one that I could watch with my girls. The scenery is breathtaking, the artwork is blissful ~ I really want to take a trip to England sometime soon!

~ A new place I visited:


We packed up the whole family and traveled to the Midwest to celebrate Grandpa Browning's 90th birthday. The girls loved the ride on the plane, "living" at the hotel, and playing at the huge playground near Grandpa and Grandma "Greats'" home.

~ An inspiring verse or quote I read:

"The Truth is that all I have to do is the work God assigns to me. What a freedom it has been for me to accept that there is time for me to do everything that is on God's 'to do' list for my day..." Lies Women Believe, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

~ A discovery I made:

One can attract a multitude of "wildlife" with bird seed and pet food. Discouraging them is not so easy. ={

~ A new skill I acquired:

I can set traps with finesse, and have researched and tested an arsenal of organic and other environmentally friendly forms of pest control.

~ A lesson I learned:

I can control my emotions; I don't have to allow my emotions to control me (another gem of Truth from Ms. DeMoss). I'm still learning to put this into practice (difficult when I often times feel like I may be carried off at any moment by colonies of sugar ants, swarms of flies, or drifts of rats), but it always helps to know that a thing can be done.

~ A moment I will always remember:

My youngest baby had dropped a piece of bread on the floor under her highchair, only to retrieve it a little while later for a snack. Unfortunately, the ants had found it too, and when she came to me with her mouth full, making an "uckk" sound, I noticed hundreds of the tiny insects dripping from her fingers and bailing out of her open mouth. I could barely help, being so completely disgusted by the whole thing. Oh well, just protein, right? Just remember, grinning suppresses the gag reflex...


Lady Farmer said...

1)I will have to read Shepherds Castle again. I love George MacDonald, too!

2)Just watched Miss Potter the other day. So fun!(Christopher ~ I have not seen Batman and now I don't think I want to. And I am very confused about the George Bush like character?)

3)Your trip to Nebraska sounded like you had lots of fun ~ but I think I will reserve my vacation time for a little more adventuresome state.

4)I finished my to do list today and now I am too done! :~}

5)I employ other family members or family pets to do my pest control.

6&7)I would say my child having hundreds of ants spewing (well, you know) is cause enough to lose ones emotions ~ as long as you called them back.(You're emotions, not the ants!)

Melody said...

I love that story about the ants....TOO FUNNY! Although I'm sure it WAS NOT at the time. At least Morgan is young enough that she won't be scarred for life : )