Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Anniversary Giveaway

I have been looking for an excuse to have a giveaway since I have so much fun entering them myself. And what better time than a first anniversary? So without further ado, I present my humble contribution to the abundance of goodies being offered:

*~*~Chocolate~Chai Soap~*~*

Homemade here at the Greenhouse using:

saponified palm, coconut, and olive oils
fragrance oils
organic cocoa powder and chai spice tea

I will choose three winners on July 19th, the Greenhouse's birthday, to receive a rustic bar each. All that is required is to leave me a comment and I will add your name to the drawing. And in keeping with tradition, if you would like to tell a friend, I'll add your name twice.

appy entering! This is good, clean fun, don't you think?!


Lady Farmer said...

I would love to enter, but since you already gave me some of that delicious smelling soap ( I want to take a big bite!) I will just pass the news along on my blog(s) and let someone else have a shot. Though, can one ever have too much soap? ;~}
yer mama

Melody said...

I won't enter either since I just received 2 scrumptious bars yesterday : ) I will say that it is WONDERFUL!!! It smells absolutely delicious and has a rich and creamy lather. Nice work Michele! Thank for the sweet house warming gift!

Miss Riya said...

I'm trying to be good and loose weight, so winning a bar would be great....If I can't eat chocolate, the next best thing is to bathe in it right? LOL
**Dear Lord,
I know you have lots of important business to tend to, but if your taking requests I would really love to win. Hey, it can't hurt!

Miss Riya said...

sorry...I meant lose weight, not loose weight.

Liz said...

Oh my! you can make me some of this goodness for my birthday!! Thats all I want! Love you guys!

Renee G said...

This looks wonderful. I'd love to try it.


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Oh Michelle, when I first saw the picture I thought it was chocolate for eating...hehehe! but soap - wow!

Yes, I would love to enter ;)

thanks for sharing...

lady m

Roo and Wren's Mama said...

And when I first read it, I thought it said "chocolate chai SOUP"... and I thought, hey that's fun - the winner gets to go to Michele's house for dinner. Then I kept reading and realized that soup doesn't come in bars.... besides, chocolate soup???
I must be tired. :)
But the soap looks lovely! I am a big fan of both chocolate and chai. :)

Michele P. said...

I love yummy smelling soap and would LOVE to try this! Also, wishing you a great 1st anniversary~

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Poetikat said...

Now, you know, I LIVE for chocolate. Yes, I do! So, to have it in my soap would be splendiferous! (Sneak my name in there, won't you please?)


~~Deby said...

oh..what a beautiful giveaway...
I love entering...and I love having them....
I will put this on my side bar at "APPLES of Gold"
and be back to visit..too...
yesipray at gmail dot com

Tobitha said...

Yes, this is good clean fun! Thank you for doing this get-a-way. This is actually my first visit to your blog but I'm sure it will not be my last! Please do enter me in your give-a-way!

Also, I will be happy to share the news on my blog about this delish give-a-way! So, now, that's two entries, right?

Have a great day!

Pat said...

I would love to win some of your soap. I am putting this giveaway on twitter, not sure if that qualifies as two so just in case I will put it on my blog and facebook all.

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Michele,
What a wonderful giveaway! *happy sigh* That soap looks amazing!!
I would love to be entered, dear friend. Your blog is such a blessing to me!! Your heart for Christ & homemaking is such a joy to see!!!

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

May I tell friends about your give away too?!

Miss Jen said...

I just added your beautiful giveaway to my side bar (on Blessed Femina)
and plugged it on facebook too! :)
Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

homefront said...

What an amazing photograph! If the soap is as luscious as the picture, it should be a full blown magazine article! Maybe a home business???
With so many chocolate lovers, I bet there would be a market for chocolate soap! Yummo.
You are amazing, Michele!!!

HsKubes said...

Chocolate AND chai?!
Two of my favorites.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
Thank you so much!

And Happy 1st Anniversary!
~ Christina

Melissa M. said...

Ooh, sounds lovely! Please enter me!
misshoneybee (at) gmail (dot) com

Paul and Annie said...

Your soap sounds as though it is exactly what any woman would need to make her day turn from gray to sunny! I would love to try it. God bless the work of your hands!

Miss Riya said...

I just added a link about the give away, so now you can add my name again.
Love Ya,

Sharon said...

Oh Michele,

That soap looks wonderful and I'm sure it smells heavenly too! Congratulations on your anniversary!
Thank you for entering me in your generous giveaway!

Have a blessed weekend!


Sharon said...


I just posted on my blog about your giveaway :) Thanks again!


Connie Gail said...

I'm visiting here from Sharon's blog...:O) Your soap sounds too good to wash with but one shall not eat it or she will have a mouth full of bubbles! :O) What a wonderful give-a-away.

I also want to thank you for posting the 'Wandering' song. I remember fondly singing that song in grammar school back in the 50's. It was one of my very favorite 'heart happy' song!

Enjoyed visiting your blog.

Connie Gail

Rebecca said...

I'm here! Wow, would I enjoy winning :) Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm enjoying scrolling through your blog, too!

Julia said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! The soap looks
very yummy and I would love
to win a bar. :-) Julia

~~Deby said...

Are you local ???? I am in the Puget Sound..

Mrs. U said...

May I enter, please? This sound sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!

Mrs. U

Melba said...

Add me to the drawing. The soap looks wonderful.

LDH said...

Oh, yes... I'd love to enter! I am heading back right now to place your giveaway on my sidebar. How lovely is this gift! Happy First Anniversary!
Kindly, ldh

Shelby L'Rae said...

Those look beautiful! Yesterday I was trying to figure out where I could get some natural soaps. I'd love to enter! Congratulations on your first anniversary! I really do enjoy your blog!

Can't wait to see who wins!

Christ's blessings,

PS. I'm putting the button on the sidebar of , and telling my sister and Marmy. =D

Mia said...

Please sign me up!
I feel like I can already smell the soap from here!lol

lisa said...

I would love to be entered into your give-a-way.

The soap looks so yummy, I bet it smells equally delicious.


Marqueta said...

Dear Michele,

Tasha tells me I should enter your giveaway ;) ! The soap looks so good, Frankie would probably try to eat it (He eats REGULAR soap, you know)!.



Brooke Meyenberg said...

Wow Michele! That looks absolutely yummy. What a fun combination! I would love the opportunity to lather up in the fun. :)

Ivory Spring said...

Hello friend!! Long time no chat! I would love to be entered in your lovely giveaway. What a great smelling soap it must be!

God bless!

Barbara said...

Oh yes enter me too, I love this blog, and all the fun things you share here, God bless you dear.

Lavinia said...

Hi Michele, this soap does indeed look good enough to eat. I can imagine how wonderful it smells!

Please enter me in the giveaway and thanks for letting me know!!

And thanks for this great idea for a giveaway!

Children's Church Ages 6~12 said...

Thanks for thinking of me Michele and stopping by the blog~The soap looks lovely ~Blessings Heather ;-)

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Yummo.....this looks good enough to eat....Saw your giveaway at "apples of gold"....she is my sister {{{Hugs}}}