Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Raegan's ballet troupe performed The Sleeping Beauty last night ~ I'm still bursting with pride. It's always a little nerve-wracking before the big production, getting every last detail just right, hoping you've covered all the necessary instructions. "Don't mess up your hair (it took too long to put it up in the perfect ballet bun), remember all your steps, don't pick your nose..."

Some coloring and Disney movies to keep busy bodies occupied during the long wait before they go backstage.

My little ruby in a quiet moment before her entrance.

Here we go! Looking quite patriotic in their sweet little costumes. Appropriate for Independence Day!

A beautiful bouquet from Grandpa and Grandma for our star.

We had a lovely evening, enjoying the beautiful story and talented dancers! Everything was just perfect ~ because all the little "imperfections" made it that way.


Anne Marie said...

what a cutie! and nice costumes...they don't look "chinsy"

Melody said...

How sweet! She looks absolutely precious. One of these years were going to make it to her performance!

Liz said...

I am so sad that we could not come! Justice was heart broken and does not understand that she would pass on her germs. She promised that she would keep them all, if we could still go :(

Miss Jen said...

Oh my.... simply ADORABLE! :)
She looked SO beautiful....
her dress was stunning and
I liked how modest it was too!!!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Jonathan said...

Very beautiful pictures. God is good; Isn't He?! I'm being careful not to leave a comment on the soap give away. I'm so fond of chocolate I might accidently eat it. It looks good enought to eat.

Lavinia said...

Very, very elegant. The red is gorgeous. I love the hairstyle too. I wear my hair in that sort of bun quite often, but I don't look that good!