Friday, August 7, 2009

Blueberry Fields

This trip to the Bellevue Blueberry Farm was a couple months ago, but I thought I'd share the pictures anyway since it was such a nice walk.

The Farm is near the Mercer Slough (there's another at Larsen Lake) and was established in the '40s. Both farms sell blueberries (you can pick them yourself, too) as well as veggies and cut flowers. A delightful way to preserve the local gardening heritage.

Some vegetable beds at the head of the trail.

Rows of lovely blueberry bushes.

A view of the pond between the plants.

I just love lily pads. They bring the story of the Frog Prince to my mind.

Maybe I can peer through the shadowed waters and see the golden ball that the spoiled Princess unhappily lost.

This bright bloom could have been an inspiration to the writer of the fairytale. Looks like a golden ball to me.

The historic Winters House.

The porch swing was a big hit!

If you're in the area and would like to visit or pick some berries, you'd better hurry! Blueberry season is usually over in September!


Marqueta said...

Dear Michele,

Wow, I WISH we were in the area! It looks like a beautiful place. I love porch swings, too!



The Watts Family said...

We have been enjoying lots of blueberries in the south here they are great this year! I just made 2 dozen banana and blueberry muffins for church! Thanks for sharing the great pictures ~Blessings Heather

lady m said...

I just love blueberries! We just had our festival just last weekend ... yumm!

Thank you for inviting us to come along with you ;)

many blessings,

lady m

ps: porch swings are just the thing here in the cottage...