Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Laundry Room

Those of you who know what's going on will understand why I'm hurrying to finish my "virtual tour" of the Greenhouse.

My laundry room is always bright from the sun shining through the south~facing glass door.

A roomy storage cabinet built by Grandpa Tucker and Great Uncle Tom. (They actually put in the wall too, since it was just a few flimsy closet doors hiding the stairwell when we moved in. Now there's a nice door to the basement ~ novel idea, right?

A sweet little clothespin bag, sewn and embroidered by my Mama.

And an old window frame from Gram's house that Mom painted and embellished with dried flowers from her garden. I thought it looked happy next to the little switch plate I found.

Bird houses above the sink.


lady m said...

It is so homey and beautiful! I wouldn't mind doing laundry surrounded by so much loveliness ;)

In His Peace,

lady m

LDH said...

Such a sweet laundry room! I love the soft color and how all the pieces compliment each other like the window frame from your grandmom and the natural wood bird houses. The tiny bloomers are very cute too :)

The Watts Family said...

Wow great room looks like a wonderful place to do laundry! Enjoy ~Blessings Heather ;D

homefront said...

You are doing a lovely job of capturing the grace and peacefulness of your charming home. I love the lighting, the colors and the decor!!! You are truly gifted in homemaking!!! I still hope someday to see it all in person! Thinking of you, Jamie

Marqueta said...

Dear Michele,

What a lovely little room! I especially love the bloomers :)



Miss Jen said...

How lovely.... Michele! :)
What a beautiful laundry
room!! Your momma's embroidery
is simply gorgeous!!

Love in Christ~ Miss Jen