Monday, November 17, 2008

Florida is calling

I'm really missing hot, humid Florida right about now. My husband and I used to take trips to Florida at this time of the year, usually to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Universal Studios in California for our honeymoon, and thought we'd try Orlando's theme parks, too. Now we want to live least part of the year.

But that was all BC (before children). We try not to travel very far any more than we have to with two small ones in cramped quarters on planes, trains, or automobiles...when they would much rather hop around the vehicle, instead of being strapped in...sharing all kinds of "knowledge" with those around them...the smallest expecting 24-hour dining (nursing) despite strangers right at our elbows...

How lazy life was then!

What perfect timing! We didn't know there was to be a launch from Cape Canaveral on the day we drove down to the beach to see the Atlantic. What a rare opportunity!

We simply had to visit SeaWorld.

I was so excited when we happened upon The Holy Land Experience. The buildings are beautiful, there's a museum with ancient Scrolls and Bibles, and there are plays about biblical events.

There are even camels! Isn't he so sweet?! If it wasn't for that hump, I think he'd make his escape under the gate!


Roo's Mama said...

Ah, vacations!! We have some fun Florida vacation memories too... St Augustine and Orlando. Good times! It is always such fun to look at pictures of past vacations and remember our touristing adventures - thanks for sharing your photos!

Anonymous said...

We went to FL about 13 years ago, and had a great time. Didn't go to the Bible Land experience though... don't think it existed back then, but I would LOVE to go...