Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Lloyd

Our 9 year-old adopted orange Tabby. His first meal at our house was served in a Lloyd's Barbecue tub; hence, his name. It suits him. His favorite toys are batteries and baby socks to bat across the floor. We love our pudgy man.


Lady Farmer said...

GGGRRRRRRR! Lloyd, you handsome fellow you! Look how svelt you look! Who says pictures add 10 lbs.
I do like older guys. They behave so much more mature. None of that silly racing around after silly toys or climbing into dahgerous lofts!(One could fall and get seriously injured or even break a claw! Oh, sorry, I forgot, you don't have any claws.) Anyway, lets get together sometime. I'll bring the catnip if you provide the treats!<.\\
> } Cricket

Roo's Mama said...

Lloyd is such a good cat name. :) And what a handsome cat he is!!