Monday, January 19, 2009

Just around the corner

A delicious "just because" gift from my dear husband. What a sweet way to brighten wintry days; jewel-tones nestled in a verdigris planter. Spring is so close I can smell it!


Lady Farmer said...

What a sweet guy!

Miss Jen said...

Oh, what a lovely gift...
it sure must of brightened your day! ;)

Miss Jen

Liz said...

I am jealous! those are beautiful, I hope htey brighten your days!

Miss Riya said...

Tell your husband that his gift did double duty. It made you smile and it brightened up my day to know that in spite of the bad reputation marriage is getting in the media, there are still lots of great husbands out there. Way to go Romeo! ;-)
Hug the munchkins for me.
-Just Me