Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little chefs

My little women playing house with their new kitchen from Grandpa and Mem. Reggae is always very careful to hang up her utensils on the convenient hooks. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Pea announces her intentions to "cook" first thing upon entering the room in the morning. It's her first stop. The menu always includes her specialty ~ "soup", of which she generously offers tastes. And you must slurp it loudly.


Miss Jen said...
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Miss Jen said...

Oh, I just love to see little girls excited about cooking!!
Looks like they had fun... ;)

Miss Jen

Miss Riya said...

My little girl used to love playing in toy kitchens, but now she's a third grader. We all know 8year olds are way too sophisticated to engage in such childish behavior...... well...except for at the Louisiana Children's Museum...that's diffrent though....It's not a play's an imaginary Dining Establishment where all the chidren I mean young people take their parent's orders and then go into the kitchen and exercise their cullinary expertise. They then deliver the requested items along with offers of coffee and pie. You see it's all together different than playing in a toy kitchen because everyone knows that one does not slurp soup loudly ....that's for children! LOL
LoVe & PrAyErS,

Michele said...

Miss Riya,

That's too funny! I want to come and "dine" at your museum sometime! =)