Friday, October 10, 2008

80 years earlier

I'm still hearing wedding bells. I hope you don't mind if I share a little more. It's such a joyous subject!

Chris and I chose to get married on the 80th anniversary of my maternal great-grandparents, William Martin Bliss and Frieda Marie Smith. This is their engagement photo; they exchanged vows on October 9, 1919. Don't you adore the beautiful attire and coifs?

And here is the dear couple on their 60th anniversary.

My sweet husband never fails to bring home a gorgeous bouquet for a special occasion. The colors of these flowers remind me so much of our crisp autumn wedding.

And he didn't forget his two other sweethearts.

We extended the celebration with a splendid, filling two-hour meal at The Melting Pot fondue restaurant tonight while Grandpa and Gram entertained the babies.


Lavinia said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary! I love what your grandma is wearing in her engagement photo, and she aged quite beautifully, as evident in the next photo.

Your flowers are gorgeous, what a thoughtful hubby you've got!

Lady Farmer said...

I don't know how to spell it, but Grandpa's hair do, very popular at the time, was called a "pompadour".
How I miss them both.

Miss Riya said...

What type of fondue did you order..boiled, fried, chcolate, or all? The melting pot is a fun place to dine.

Michele said...

Miss Riya, we started out with cheddar fondue, then salad, followed by the "lobster indulgence" (with chicken, fish, veggies, etc.), and finally chocolate dessert fondue...oh, it was heavenly! =)

Ivory Spring said...

Wow - how sweet it is that you chose the specific date to get married - I think that's so sweet and meaningful!

Love those flowers - you do have a sweet husband! :)


Miss Riya said...

If you want to copy the campaign logo on my blog feel free. Simply right click and save it to your pictures. After that you can place the picture on your side bar. Sorry if you knew all of that already. TaTa for now!

Michele said...

I was actually going to ask you about that! Thanks for the info!

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary! What awesome pictures. I posted very similar ones on my blog last week. I love the old pictures!!! YOu have a very cute blog, come on over to my blog for some coffee and sit a spell!

:0) Sharon