Saturday, October 18, 2008


I used to feel a little discouraged when the weekend rolled around--should we get some of the projects done around the house that have been looming over our heads? Or should we go do something fun as a family (babies don't stay babies forever, you know)? Well, Ms. Epiphany struck at last and we decided to split our two free days between these priorities. Usually, we tackle a home-improvement chore on Saturday, and then plan something more adventuresome for after church on Sunday. I have felt so encouraged and efficient with this new plan; I highly recommend it.

Case in point, here you see the beginnings of a beautiful rock retaining wall. We had been meaning to reclaim more of our back yard from the imposing hill next to the house (our little utility shed was starting to get buried), so we got to work.

And what do you know? We even accomplished a little father/daughter bonding time in the process. Two birds, one stone.

By the way, if anyone in the area is looking for rental equipment, I know a really great sales guy: (e-mail) ;)


Lady Farmer said...

Does that adorable co-pilot come with the rental of equipment?
**wink wink**

Ivory Spring said...

What a cute pint-sized helped you have there - is she for hire?! ;) I would love to have her around helping me too...

Michele said...

I think I could let her go for a few cents. =)