Thursday, October 9, 2008

9 happy years!

The boys tried to warn him.

Oh no, buddy! It's too late to escape now!


My handsome groom.

Beautiful bridesmaids.

I do, I do!

Off we go!


Melody said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Hope you get to go do a little something fun!

Lady Farmer said...

A Very Happy Anniversary to my darling daughter and son-in-love!
May your journey together be as joyous and wonderful as Daddy's and mine. Remember, as you're walking together hand in hand, to hold onto Jesus with the free one!
See you tomorrow!

Miss Riya said...

Happy Anniversary! Did you realize you are probably on the endangered species list? Thank you for proving to the world that there is such a thing as keeping your promises.This December will make 12 years for my husband and I. What a wonderful adventure it's been. Again.....Congratulations. Now go give that man a big hug and a kiss.

Ivory Spring said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love your wedding pictures.

Lavinia said...

Just Beautiful! Happy Anniversary! Your sweet purity of expression in your wedding photos, so beautiful!