Monday, December 22, 2008


The snowy peaks outside inspired me to try my hand at these little treats. My Gram always made the best divinity; I'll have to practice some more on mine. They aren't too shabby, but I have a candy thermometer on my shopping list for next time. Maybe then I'll achieve a candy that's truly "divine".


Lady Farmer said...

They look simply divine! (Here's a little hint or two = Gram always added chopped walnuts 'cept the ones for me cuz I don't like walnuts! And, they do look great, but candy thermometer or no - if there is too much humidity in the air, they just don't turn out quite right. I could never understand why we always make candy that depends on humidity in the winter time when there is way too much. Humidity, that is. There is NEVER way too much candy!*toothless grin on my fat face*

Lady Farmer said...

P.S. Gramma would be proud!