Monday, December 29, 2008

My little mouse

I know, I take many trips down memory lane. But, I didn't have a blog until a few months ago, and I just love sharing some of the "earlier" videos and pictures. I don't think the grands mind very much.

Here are a couple of little mice dancing together, about a year ago. Sorry about the camera angle at the end.


Melody said...

How cute is that!

Poetikat said...

I actually liked the angle at the end. The mouse's voice kind of freaked me out at first.
What a darling! I love that "Mouse" nickname too.


Michele said...

Miss Kat, it kind of freaks me out, too. And I listen to it often... =)

Lady Farmer said...

Only a Grandma would sit through the entire video when they have dial-up and a 30 second video takes 15 minutes to play in choppy little bites! I am; I did; and I'm glad I did! :~} So precious.

Susanne said...


I love your blog; it makes me so glad:) Many of your favorite books are mine, as well. I hope your family had a lovely little Christmas...


Susanne (in Nebraska)