Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree hunt

Yes, we "hunt" for our Christmas tree. First, we gather the proper gear: our weapon of choice ~ the handsaw, and bungee cords to secure our trophy to the roof of the car. Then, we don our gay apparel (in this case, warm and water-repellent, as we were treated to torrents of rain and hail today.) Two small scouts serve us well in scoping out the elusive "monster fir". Finally, we'll "dress" the tree ~ this is done at home, since field dressing is highly unproductive!


Lady Farmer said...

It doesn't look like you went to IKEA to hunt for your tree. Details, please! "I'm must have my part in the conversation!" :~P

Miss Riya said...

Great photos! Your lil dumplins are so adorable. I bet seeing their cute little faces just makes you want to hug them to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Love your girls' tree-hunting outfit!

Poetikat and the Hyggecats said...

Your little ones are darling! (Actually, their dad's pretty darling too!)
Rain and hail? That can't have been very nice. Don't forget to show us the finished tree.