Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Violet's new home

I assumed that an African violet would cheer up my dark, westward-facing bedroom. But even though the leaves are looking good, it has never bloomed in its many years of living on my dresser. There were many strikes against this poor little plant: the pot was decorative, but without drainage, the light is very low, and the temperature is usually chilly. So I transplanted her to a good, serviceable vessel, and have moved her to a warmer, sunnier corner of the house where I hope to see some lovely little flowers soon. We'll have no more shrinking violets here!


Lady Farmer said...

I have had no success with African Violets but according to one of my plant books they like lots of light but not direct light; temperature consistantly 70*-77* winter and summer; never water the top,and to increase humidity, place the pot on a bed of gravel - keep water half way up the gravel. And they like company! The more the merrier! Who knew violets were socialites! :~} Re-reading the above, I now know why I never had success with African Violets! :~O

Michele said...

Well, it sounds like Violet needs some sisters. I'll make a trip to the nursery. =)

Lavinia said...

Take heart, Michele, I too had a violet which never bloomed for 4 years and then...voila...one day, I had two little blossoms on it!

They didn't last long, though...I still don't know why.

Anyway, I want to also wish you a very happy new year. To you and yours may 2009 be filled with every blessing, with health, happiness, joy, prosperity, and all good tidings.

Miss Riya said...

Today was fun! I got your beautiful card and I also received a card from relatives in France. Double Blessings! Please let me know when my package arrives. Happy New Year!!! Hug the family for me.
-Miss Riya ;-)