Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A birthday train trip

We celebrated Miss Pea's 2nd birthday on Sunday with a ride on the Snoqualmie train. We travelled through the scenic byways into North Bend, then returned to the Snoqualmie Station to pick up more passengers for a trip to the Falls (which included passing over a ravine HIGH above the crashing water!)

Here we go! All set for our tickets to be punched.

Our train car was built in 1915, and refurbished in the 40's ~ so quaint!

The car next to us had such interesting architecture and fixtures, too.

"Um, I don't think this duct tape is original..."

The power plant is housed in these buildings from the 1880's.

Some of the decrepit old machines that line the main street.


LDH said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your precious little girl! What a great way to celebrate her birthday. The pictures are so interesting and the Dalmatian doggies are very cute! So nice to be able to share a little part of your special day!

Oh, and I must say what a beautifully decorated birthday cake. It looks so yummy with the perfect swirls on the top!

Miss Riya said...

Birthday Blessings to the little one! I'm actually planning a small get together this saturday for Hubby's B-day.

2 more weeks and I'll be free to post again!

LoVe & PrAyErS,

Anne Marie said...


Wow- really - the scenery totally beats the ones we have -
the gorge!
that cool tree!

We did that for our son's 10th birthday and it was a inexpensive and enjoyable time for all.

Lady Farmer said...

Wish we could have come ~ looks like a great time. We'll plan to go again on a Saturday! There is just something so soothing about that "clickety clack" that old trains make! And I have wanted to see the falls for so long! We'll just have to make a day of it.
Happy Birthday, sweet Morgan Presley! Gramma and "Bugga" love you so very, very much!

Miss Jen said...


What a simply delightful way to spend a Birthday! ;) Your girls are SO adorable... and the architecture of the buildings, vintage trains and scenery is marvelous as well! As always it's a JOY to visit you!

Blessings~ Miss Jen

~~Deby said...

I am really enjoying getting to know you today browsing your blog...what a sweet family you have. I have 6 grandson with #7 due in Sept. and another unknown gender in March..GOD is GOOD..and I am thankful...would like to buy a bar of your soap if I don't win your giveaway...