Friday, April 3, 2009

Gold Limoges

Another heirloom passed down from my Great~Grandmother, this 22 karat gold adorned platter was her mother's~in~law. Mom and I are guessing it's from around the 1920's. I like to wonder what savory meals were lovingly presented on this warm, friendly dish.


Lady Farmer said...

I tried "Google ing" Limoges Lyceum Yellow and didn't come up with anything! There is some Blue, Green and even Rose, but even didn't list yellow. Don't know if it is more rare or soon fell out of favor with comtomers and was dropped from manufacture. There are also some listed on Ebay, but again, not yellow!
But since it is yellow ~ fits in for your "Yellow Week"! :~}

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful.... what a treasure/heirloom!! :)
Thank you for sharing.

Many Blessings~Miss Jen

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dish!!!

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love your blog! It's wonderful! I dropped in from Lady Farmer's.

I'm also inspired by your love for God. May He bless you with His grace and everlasting love.