Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage~style flannel nighties

I had some leftover flannel, found a cute 1950's pattern at Lanetz Living, and stitched up some vintage nightgowns for the girls.

These nighties are tweaked a little since my leftover fabric was not quite long enough. I added ruffles to the hems with some extra pieces after cutting, to make them longer.

And for the ties, I scrounged up some pink ribbon for one and crocheted a couple of chains from cotton yarn for the other.


Anne Marie said...

SO cute! I just found a vintage nightgown- a Victorian one- and my 10 yr. old is wearing it now!
love the vintage!

they just don't make them like that anymore do they-----

I need to make one for myself!

Miss Jen said...

Simply amazing!!! :)
The nightgowns are adorable
and your little girls are so
precious....what blessings!!!

Love in Christ,

Lady Farmer said...

And aren't the girls so proud of their new nighties!
(Do I recognize that pink plaid?)
Very sweet! We may have to invest in a serger soon, huh?
Love you all!

LDH said...

So very sweet... the nightgowns and especially your little girls. Just like the poem Sugar and Spice and everything nice... that's what little girls are made of.

Poetikat said...

You are just a treasure! I took home economics years ago and sewed a few really catastrophic creations. You are a whiz and your daughters are so lucky. What darling little nightdresses!


Roo and Wren's Mama said...

Darling nighties, darling girls!

Full of mischief and mayhem said...

How adorable! I wish I had your talent for whipping up fabric masterpieces... it takes forever for me to finish any crafty project.

ivoryspring said...


Those are the sweetest nighties I have EVER seen!!

You did a superb job!

Melody said...

Too stinkin' cute! We need to hang out more, so some of your domesticness (i know that's not really a word) will rub off on me!

Mrs.L said...

Your girls are adorable and so are the nightgowns!