Friday, September 19, 2008

The loo

Another room on the virtual tour: the bathroom before.

Caution! Men (and sewer rat) at work!

And the fresh new bathroom after much labor by man and beast.

It was love at first sight for me with these tiles for my shower. They remind me of a Venetian palazzo.

Our saltillo floor tiles came labeled "animal prints". Sure enough, some little creature walked across some tiles baking in the Mexican sun. This one is placed to look like he just stepped into the tub.


Roo's Mama said...

And what a lovely loo it is! Love the critter footprint - what a special touch to such a pretty bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

Your mother had told me about your blog! Lovely blog -- I love the new look of the bathroom! =) Those insert tiles among the white tiles are simply to die for!!!

Lavinia said...

Wow. Quite impressive. A total transformation. Love the animal prints, that is so cute!!