Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank you for voting!

Well, the poll is closed; thank you all for participating! Did you think it was fun? If anyone would like to comment, I would love to know who voted for which time and place...and why. =) I personally had a hard time deciding what place in history I would want to visit. They all have something interesting and unique! But, the world of Shakespeare has always been alluring to me. And the Mediterranean boasts such astounding magnificence...ah, here I go, daydreaming...

p.s. Since the results are not showing up very well with my color scheme, here they are:

50% for 1950's America (the winner!)
16% for Regency England
16% for Renaissance Italy
16% for Ancient Egypt

1 comment:

Lady Farmer said...

Write me into a Jane Austen novel, please?!