Friday, March 6, 2009

"How To Be Handsome"

"Ladies who have ample leisure and who lead methodical lives take a plunge or sponge bath three times a week, and a vapor or sun bath every day. To facilitate this very beneficial practice a south or east apartment is desirable. The lady denudes herself, takes a seat near the window, and takes in the warm rays of the sun. The effect is both beneficial and delightful. If, however, she be of a restless disposition, she may dance, instead of basking, in the sunlight."

~The Everyday Cook-Book

Thank goodness dancing is permitted!


Lady Farmer said...

Why would a "Cook Book" have this "recipe?!" And I must say, if a lady were to partake of this very beneficial practice, one would hope that the pre-requisite south or east aprtment was not facing a friendly (or even unfriendly) neighbor. If so, you may well be assured that the restless, denuded lady will not be the only one "Dancing" in the sunlight! :~O

Miss Jen said...

How sweet and beautiful!! ;)
I love to dance too.

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen